Report to Hikers: week of Oct 29-Nov 4


Hello Hikers!



Wed Oct 31

Watkins Glen SP gorge trail

                          All photos by Annie and Jack V

Report on the hike by Jack V:  “There were 9 hikers.  It was herding cats.  Some wanted to hike fast, some much slower.  The weather was very nice, there was lots of water flowing.”

Regrettably, Tiger and I had to miss this hike, which is almost certainly the most dramatic one we do.  I had a chance to see how the distance from town affects the turnout  —  at least five hikers had to skip this walk because they needed to be back in Ithaca earlier than was possible coming from Watkins Glen.

You can see the full sets of photos from Annie here and from Jack V here.




Sat Nov 3

So Danby Road east on the FLT to Travor Road, Danby SF

Yet another rainy Saturday morning ….

Another tricky ditch to kick off the walk ….

Like I hoped, the trail wasn’t terribly muddy  —  but there was lots of standing water in the trail

When we got to Travor Road the FLT was closed  —  the state has been logging just beyond Travor and their heavy equipment has created a large stretch of impenetrable mud  —  instead, we walked north on the road for a while to fill out the time

This was definitely the best leaf action we’ve seen so far  —  extremely beautiful!

The rain stopped part-way through the hike and we got more fabulous atmospherics  —  another great wet morning

Official head count:  15H, five D




Sun Nov 4

Malloryville countryside with Bob B

Official head count:  33H, six D

More photos:


Jack V


Jack just came back from a trip to Guatemala.   You can see his photos here.