Report to Hikers: week of Nov 5-Nov 11


Hello Hikers!


Wed Nov 7

Roy H Park Preserve to Canaan Road in Hammond Hill SF

Official head count:  20H, six D

More photos:

Jack V



Sat Nov 10

Connecticut Hill WMA  —  Carter Creek Loop  —  with Dave B

Raw and blustery standing around waiting to start  —  once we got moving, a fabulous hike

Official head count:  17H, three D




Sun Nov 11

Kennedy SF, Virgil

Official head count:  32H, 11D

This hike is wonderfully picturesque, but there is a significant downside  —  the first half hour is pretty challenging  —  the trail surface is very uneven, covered with protruding roots and rocks, constantly going up and down and twisting and turning  —  it was worse than usual this time because there was a good bit of mud and a covering of fresh slippery leaves, and the roots and rocks were wet and slippery because of the snow  —  it was hard to take your eyes off the immediate trail and look around.

A good crowd headed over to Hopshire Brewery after the hike but we ran into a problem there too  —  there was an engagement party in the big room we normally have to ourselves  —  we had to jam into a very small room next door with almost no seats  —  everyone stood around basically shoulder to shoulder  —  we’re not used to such extreme crowding, but in fact it was fun anyway and we had a good time.