Report to Hikers: week of March 4-March 10

Hello Hikers!

Wed March 6

Spur trail from upper Lick Brook to upper Buttermilk Falls SP

Official head count: 17H, one D

More photos:

Jack V


Sat March 9

Stevens Suspension Bridge up to the big Cornell fields and across Freese Road to the Varna cliffs

When we reached the top of the hill and arrived at the edge of the huge fields, it was like suddenly arriving at the beach on a gorgeous mild calm spring morning — it was only in the low 30s, but with the sun bouncing off a vast expanse of snow, it felt like a perfect day — not hot, not cold, just perfectly right
The Varna cliffs — Tiger and I have become too alarmed by the severe undercutting of the banks that’s going on to walk to the edge the way these hikers did. Jack V has an excellent shot of the cliffs in his photos, linked below
Spectacularly nice morning IMO

Official head count: 24H, one D

More photos:

Jack V


Sun March 10

Upper Buttermilk Falls SP

We’ve had a lot of dark hikes this winter — this was one of the darkest — so dark the camera had trouble focusing, which is unusual — really fun if you like very gloomy atmospherics — mild and windy, a little rain

Official head count: 17H, five D