Report to Hikers: week of March 11-March 17

Hello Hikers!

Wed March 13

Six Mile Creek, north side rim trail starting at Crescent Place

This hike is right in town and I thought there’d be a good chance the snow had melted, because there was so little snow in other parts of town …
This isn’t a popular trail by any means — we never see anyone else using it when we walk here — but enough people had used it that there was a treacherous thick layer of ice laid down that made walking tricky
The group had to cut the walk short when they came to a stream they couldn’t ford ….
No one wanted to retrace their steps through the woods because of the ice, so they walked back the whole way on the South Hill Rec Way, which parallels the trail.

I had to skip this hike, having fallen ill the day before with vomiting and diarrhea. I had to sit out a lot of hikes last summer after I fell down and suffered a concussion, but I always looked forward eagerly to looking over Tiger’s photos right after every hike to see how it went, and I always thought each walk looked beautiful in the photos. This time, though, oddly, the scenes from the hike looked ugly and depressing to me — never happened before — I was really surprised how much the intestinal illness was affecting my perceptions.

Official head count: 12H, one D


Sat March 16

Woodard Road east into upper Treman SP on the CCC Trail and the FLT

Our official nature photographer Jack V loves to photograph water — he was using a high-quality new camera for the first time — check out his shots at the link below to see the shot he got of this lovely small waterfall
I was still too sick to hike, but this time when I looked at Tiger’s photos right afterwards, it seemed like a really great walk and I wished I’d been able to be there

Official head count: 12H, one D. Two more people left home intending to join the group, but they failed to pay attention to the location and they went to the wrong place

More photos:

Jack V


Sun March 17

Lindsay Parsons Biodiversity Preserve, West Danby


Official head count: 24H, four D

More photos:

Jack V