Report to Hikers: week of Oct 14-Oct 20

Hello Hikers!

Wed Oct 16

Black Diamond rail trail, from Perry City Road to Willow Creek Road, Ulysses

It took me a long time to warm up to this trail. When it opened a few years back, Tiger and I checked it out by getting on it at the south end, in Cass Park. I hated the huge electric transmission line poles and the highway running right next to the walkway. Later we tried out the trail from its upper end, at Taughannock Park. No ugly infrastructure, but I thought it was boring.
More recently, we’ve had occasion to walk on the central portion of the trail. I’ve been very surprised at how different this stretch is, and how pleasant. The scenery along the way is extremely good, fields and clumps of woods and distant views
Always a high point of our walks — a strange-dog meet-and-greet. The dogs clearly enjoy it, and it always produces a sense of subdued high spirits
There was a big rainstorm rapidly approaching us from the south, and the air had a lovely damp sultry quality to it. Really nice morning to be outside.

Official head count: 15H, six D


Sat Oct 19

Connecticut Hill WMA with Dave G — Carter Creek Loop

Dave said a lot of leaves had come down since earlier in the week thanks to the wind and rain — it really opened up the woods and we had great views into the neighboring hills — I’d say late October on a sunny day with plenty of colored leaves still up makes for a gorgeous hike here
Our nature photographer Annie, with her sister Margaret

Official head count: 27H, 10 D

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Sun Oct 20

Shindagin Hollow SF, Braley Hill Road to Shindagin Hollow Road on the FLT

Official head count: 26H, seven D