Report to Hikers — week of Oct 21-Oct 27

Hello Hikers!

Wed Oct 23

Woods road walk — Curtis Road, Danby SF

We got a good bit of rain the afternoon and evening before the hike, and it was still very wet when we arrived at the trail head — the air had a wonderful mild damp quality, and the light was extremely bright but a little misty — very nice!
This miniature horse lives in the farm area at the top of Curtis, and he’s always interested and energized when our group comes hiking here — I think farm animals are amused at the novelty of a group of walkers coming into their neighborhood
I picked this woods road because I thought it would be less slippery and muddy than one of our usual forest trails after all the rain we’ve had this month — that was pretty much the case, but not entirely ….

Official head count: 18H, five D

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Jack V


Sat Oct 26

Malloryville countryside, with Bob B

The beaver dam crossing was especially tricky this time because the water had overtopped part of it, forcing us to walk along the extreme downstream edge — some hikers chose to cross the stream at the base of the dam instead ….
Here’s another view of the scene — I took the lower crossing myself — pretty challenging — you can see a photo of me in Annie’s photo album of the hike, looking like I’m about to fall down
One of the two old railroad trestles — it’s much higher above the creek than it looks in the photo
Bob’s property abuts the Malloryville bog, and we entered the bog this time by walking up his amazingly long driveway to his house and garage — I saw a photo op
In the bog — there are some pitcher plants inside this observation platform

Official head count: 21H

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Sun Oct 27

Hike rained out. According to the various rain loggers, it rained briskly between 9 and 10, and just a little between 10 and 11; then the rain stopped.