Report to Hikers: week of Nov 18-Nov 24

Hello Hikers!

Wed Nov 20

Road walk — Fisher Settlement Road, South Danby

Did you notice the guy on the right with a gun slung on his shoulder? I really enjoy it when a hunter appears while we’re at the trail head waiting to start — reminds me that I need to pay extra-close attention
Our regular hiker Katharine has been laid up for more than a month recovering from surgery on a severely torn shoulder. She must keep her arm completely immobile, but she’s managed to learn, for instance, how to put on her yellow slicker with one hand. She can now accompany us on road walks, but it’ll be quite a while before she can get back into the woods
The atmospherics were fantastic — misty, drizzling, very dark, a little raw but not excessively so

Official head count: 14H, one D

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Jack V


Sat Nov 23

Upper Treman SP — park trails and nearby country rpads

Official head count: 30H, four D

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Jack V


Sun Nov 24

Taughannock Falls SP — gorge trail and rim trail

The steep stairs at each end of the rim trail are closed for winter — using the road isn’t as picturesque, but it’s actually easier, and a little quicker too

Official head count: 16H, three D

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Jack V