Report to Hikers: week of Nov 25-Dec 1

Hello Hikers!

Wed Nov 27

In-town walk — Cayuga Heights and Cornell Heights — look-outs and grand houses

Lake View Cemetery — West Hill and the lake (as advertised) in the background
Mausoleum — this is a nice building to look at, but I’d much rather be buried than stuck in one of these
Sunset Park — the Cayuga Heights DPW does a great job of keeping the view open and unobstructed
Cayuga Heights Road approaching Carl Sagan’s former house — fantastic views straight down into Fall Creek gorge
More fantastic views — Sagan’s house in the background — crossing this bridge in a car doesn’t give you anything like the same experience as walking across it
Pedestrian bridge over Fall Creek gorge
In the sprawling fraternity neighborhood — definitely the least impressive frat house we saw
The hikers were captivated by some sculptures of storks — and a large blue heron that flew up onto the roof of the big house
Heading down to gawk at the beautiful mansion of the late Roy Park

Official head count: 17H

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Jack V


Thanksgiving Day


I got a new camera earlier this year that has a flash, so now for the first time I can get a few shots inside at out get-togethers — this is Iris, our hostess — she’s a long-time art teacher, and her top and her house both reflect a classic artist’s taste, IMO, a liking for decoration and ornamentation, patterns and bold strong colors. My own taste is dull, and I enjoy the vivacity of hers.
Maybe you can see from the photos some of the food we had — though I’m not sure it’s recognizable — in any case, there was a good deal of it
I brought six cans of beer — once again, no one but me drank any so I brought it back home — our hikers just don’t drink beer — but they do love wine, as maybe you can tell from noticing the cluster of bottles here

And here’s something a bit different — Randy borrowed my camera for a few minutes and came back with some Andy Warhol-style flashbulb-type party shots — I didn’t crop any of the shots because I like the details in the backgrounds


Sat Nov 30

Monkey Run Natural Area, south side of Fall Creek — Varna

We had a special first-time hiker with us, Ellie (right front) — it turned out that some years ago she was in Puerto Rico and she brought a number of starving and homeless dogs back to Ithaca, and managed to find them homes — among the dogs she rescued were our regular weekend hiking companions Ruby and Diego

Official head count: 27H, three D

More photos:

Jack V


Sun Dec 1

Hike cancelled — icy roads