Report to Hikers — week of Dec 2-Dec 8

Hello Hikers!

Mon Dec 2

Aftermath of the big Dec 1 snow and ice storm

First thing Monday morning, our nature photographer Jack V headed over to Taughannock Falls SP to get this shot of the falls before the snow and ice started falling off the trees and shrubs


Wed Dec 4

Road walk — Curtis Road, South Danby

Official head count: 16H

More photos:

Jack V


Sat Dec 7

Stevens Suspension Bridge, Forest Home — Cornell golf course and horse barns

Official head count: 15H

More photos:

Jack V


Sun Dec 8

Stevens Suspension Bridge, Forest Home — Cornell big fields and across Freese Road into Monkey Run

Eight of the people who hiked with us on Saturday came out for the Sunday hike as well — no point to photograph them again — so I just got shots of those who only did the Sunday walk — two of them arrived too late for their mug shot
Every time we come here, it seems like the cliffs along the north side of Fall Creek in Monkey Run have eroded further. I’m too afraid to get near the edge and check it out — Jack V got this shot, and it clearly gives you an idea of what’s going on

Official head count: 20H

More photos:

Jack V