Report to Hikers — week of Jan 20-Jan 26

Hello Hikers!

Mon Jan 20

Special MLKing Day hike to make up for the hike that I cancelled the previous Saturday.

South Danby Road west on the FLT to Curtis Road, Danby SF

Pretty morning, with fresh snow and lovely pale sunshine. But it was cold, and the snow was a bit deep, and quite tiring to walk through
This is Curtis Road, our turn-around point
This three-board mini-bridge is a bit tricky for most of our people
Nice walk, but my ass was dragging from the effort of handling the hills here in slippery snow

Official head count: 9H


Wed Jan 22

Marsh Road and Deputron Hollow Road, Danby

Another cold morning (6 degrees at 8 am), more new snow ….
This is the southern end of Marsh Road — there are a couple of houses; otherwise, it’s undeveloped
Marsh ends abruptly, and Deputron Hollow begins equally abruptly, running at 90 degrees. I’m sure there was something of interest in the past that led people to create this road crossing, but it sure is deserted now
Deputron Hollow Road has a wonderful rural feeling — it’s hilly, and hemmed in by heavy tree growth on both sides. For some of the way a dramatic and deep gorge runs along the south side.
This is the far end of Deputron Hollow Road, which ends at Coddington Road. There are a handful of houses scattered along the end, but it’s still very countryish
With the hills and the deepish snow, this was another fatiguing walk

Official head count: 12H


Sat Jan 25

No hike — heavy rain


Sun Jan 26

Stevens Suspension Bridge, Cornell golf course and Cornell stables, Forest Home

Official head count: 24H, two D

More photos:

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