Report to Hikers — week of Jan 27-Feb 2

Hello Hikers!

Wed Jan 29

Treman SP on the FLT west from Route 13

Here’s who hiked today

Those of you who followed our group back in 2012 will remember a feature I put into the weekly hike report called “Here’s who hiked” — I’d take and post a mug shot of everyone who showed up that morning — my theory was that it made the group seem more friendly by showcasing each individual — then the turnout got too heavy and I just didn’t have time to process everyone who showed up, especially those who arrived at the last minute — anyway, we have a one-time return of the feature for this hike — because I didn’t feel like taking the usual documentary photos this time, and this was a way to give you at least something to look at

It was a very nice morning, cloudy with fresh snow.

Official head count: 19H — 16 in the photo array, two who didn’t want to be photographed, and then there was me

More photos:

Jack V

I remind everyone that we have an official photo ID page that shows the regular hikers with their names, so you can know who’s who — here. The page is slow to load — the first half will pop up fairly quickly, the lower half is very slow. Be patient.


Sat Feb 1

SE of Dryden, on the FLT and the Jim Schug rail trail

We did have two separate walks, as I proposed. This is the group that went up over the hill into Cortland County on the FLT.
This is the hill we cross over. It’s quite a steep climb, and challenging in snow
You can just make out Hammond Hill SF in the deep background of this shot
We turned back early so we could walk for a bit on the Jim Schug Trail and visit with the hikers who chose to do that walk
I just got a new camera with a lens that depicts a broader view of the scenery. That’s Dryden Lake on the right and the swamp that runs along the trail on the left.
Back at the cars, killing time until Hopshire Brewery opened

Official head count: 24H, four D

More photos:

Jack V



Sun Feb 2

Woodard Road NW to Hines Road and beyond on the FLT, Enfield

I love this trail, but the older I get, the more challenging I find it. I’m happy now to make the return trip on the road, which is delightfully easy, and very picturesque in a low-key way

Official head count: 22H, four D

More photos:

Jack V