Report to Hikers — week of Feb 17-Feb 23

Hello Hikers!

Wed Feb 19

Snowmobile trail, Fisher Settlement Road east to Travor Road, South Danby

Travor Road
The ladies were demonstrating the snow depth right off the road

Official head count: 13H


Sat Feb 22

Connecticut Hill WMA — Carter Creek Road

Official head count: 20H, three D

More photos:

Jack V


Sun Feb 23

Connecticut Hill WMA — road walk and snowmobile trail walk

I advertised this hike as a snowmobile trail hike, but, as you can see, we spent time on the road too. This was not my idea and I was unhappy with our route. But I’m taking responsibility because I failed to pay attention to the pre-hike discussions while we were waiting to start. I was wandering around taking photos, and I didn’t realize a group of regulars planned out a loop hike that was different from my original plan. I got word of this new plan at the last second as we stepped off — but I don’t know the area and I didn’t understand what was involved. I took the new plan at face value.

Official head count: 23H, four D

More photos:

Jack V


My 20 favorite hike photos from 2018 and 2019

On Thursday I posted a link to an online album of my 20 favorite hike photos from 2018-2019  —  but then I deleted the link on Saturday.  I’m posting it again now in case someone was intending to check the shots out, but couldn’t find the previous link.

A couple of people who have a very strong background in art commented that they really like the photos  —  this made me realize something I hadn’t put into words, that many of the 20 shots are a bit arty.  I’m sure some of you prefer plain straightforward documentary photography, so you very well may not like the shots Tiger and I took, which are only minimally documentary in many cases.  They tend more to look like this shot from the album:

Slaterville Springs snowmobile trail

In any case, if you’re curious, the album is here..