Report to Hikers — week of Feb 24-Mar 1

Hello Hikers!

Wed Feb 26

Black Diamond Trail north of Perry City Road, town of Ulysses

I love the scenery along the hillside overlooking the lake as you drive on the back roads toward Taughannock — it was especially lovely this morning because we had some extreme atmospherics

The snow and ice from the big storm were pretty much all gone in town, but there was still a lot up here, more than I expected

If you look at the snow in the parking lot, maybe you can see it’s a bit bumpy and choppy. It was slightly melted, but the overall effect was unpleasant for walking.

The setting along the trail is decent, especially on a foggy day, but I found walking on the choppy snow to be really tiring.

Official head count: 17H, three D


Sat Feb 29

Connecticut Hill WMA — road walk — Lloyd Starks Road and Carter Creek Road

Mid teens, snowing and many roads unplowed — I suspect the 9 am conditions may have kept some hikers home

Great winter atmospherics at the trail head

Heading south on Lloyd Starks Road — there was a good layer of fresh snow on the frozen base that seems to linger all winter — the snow wasn’t slippery but walking in it was quite fatiguing

The road has a sizeable uphill climb in each direction — great for exercise but a little grueling

A great morning for moody scenery

Carter Creek Road

Carter Creek

My ass was really dragging by the time we got back to the cars — but I loved being in the woods

Official head count: 13H, three D


Sun March 1

Areas along Fall Creek — Renwick Woods, Fuertes bird Sanctuary, Stewart Par and the Newman golf course

Official head count: 21H, five D

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