Report to Hikers — week of Mar 2-Mar 8

Hello Hikers!

Wed Mar 4

Cornell natural areas along Fall Creek from Flat Rock to Beebe Lake

Lovely morning, around 40 and the sun kept going in and out of the clouds — I stood here looking over the creek for several minutes hoping the sun would pop out — finally it did and I like the effect

The arboretum

Mundy Wildflower Garden

The bridge over the downstream end of Beebe Lake

We swung by the Cornell Dairy Bar on the way back to the cars. Some of the prices seemed a bit steep ….

Official head count: 21H, three D


Sat Mar 7

Route 13 west on the FLT into Treman SP

Official head count: 22H, five D

More photos:



Sun Mar 8

Monkey Run Natural Area, Varna side

Official head count: 27H, four D

More photos: