Report to Hikers — week of July 27 – Aug 2

Hello Hikers! This report chronicles last week’s activity by the hikers in our core group who have been hiking three times a week since April

Wed July 29

This report was written by Mary W

Modified Hikers Summer Picnic July 29, 2020

A group of nineteen hikers including Cian’s family (brother, Lachlan; sister-in-law, Mari, and his five year old nephew, Amandou) met at the Marshal Case Haggard Pavilion in Lower Treman Park, west of the Rim Trail. Other hikers wanted to be there, but arrived only in spirit. Although a picnic is a challenging idea in our Covid-19 climate, everyone had masks (some very cute masks) and generally kept a six foot distance. 

The day was a typical summer day . . . a fine day for a picnic. At 9:30, when many hikers arrived, it was sunny and 73 degrees F.  By noon it was 80 degrees and still sunny. At 4 the temperature dropped and it began raining, though only one Hiker stayed after 3 o’clock. 

People arrived at different times and found relief in the shade and space the pavilion provided. 

Early in the day, small groups dispersed in different directions to hike the trails. Others had fun running and playing cards with Armondo (five year old nephew of Cian). Many enjoyed conversations and food under the pavilion. A few hikers brought dishes of picnic foods to share. Others had delicious meals they enjoyed individually. And some, came for the pleasure of the day without desire for food. The swimming area was too crowded, so no one opted to swim.

The was a relaxed and enjoyable picnic though it’s challenging to feel comfortable in groups even when practicing Covid-19 protocols. One cell phone was forgotten and successfully reunited with its owner.


Thursday July 30

This report was written by Jim R

Trail maintenance project, Ridgeway Road, Caroline

Ten members of Ithaca Hikers met at the FLT trailhead on Ridgeway Rd, for the purpose of trail maintenance. While we didn’t get the entire section from Ridgeway to the 90 degree turn towards White Church done, anyone walking that section after this morning will easily see the difference in trail conditions. Thanks to each and every one of you who pitched in today

Honorable mention to Hiker Cian. Cian could not join us today due to his work schedule, but did go to the trail last evening for the purpose of engaging in single combat with a nest of flying stinging nasties who could have made life miserable for us today. I understand that Cian introduced the nasties to a can of Raid, with good effect. We had no issues in that regards today. Thanks for your efforts, Cian

Katharine advised me that in the area she was working today there was a significant quantity of poison ivy lying in wait

This project will require a second days work at some point in the future.

Here’s what the trail looked like before the work began

Here’s the after shot


Sat Aug 1

This report was written by Leigh Ann V

Potomac Road area, Finger Lakes National Forest, Hector

Ten hikers and four dogs met up at the parking lot just north of the Potomac Group Campground for a hike in Finger Lakes National Forest. Jack V. led the hike. It felt like full-on August, and the hemisphere has noticeably tipped toward fall. The intense humidity of the past couple of days had broken, but already the trails were drier than Jack had ever seen. Sunlight was sharply defined in and out of the woods. We hiked north on Potomac Road to the blue trail and headed east then south past the Potomac Ponds. Then we got onto the Potomac Trail, crossed over Potomac Road, and turned north on the Interloken Trail. We passed Foster Pond, which was down by a foot and was a great place to look at the streaky horse tails of clouds. Past the pond, we kept heading north until we hit a good turnaround time, then returned south to the blue trail, which we took east to Potomac Road where we started.

Photo by Jack V

Five hikers headed over to Grist Iron Brewery after the hike, and it was a good, socially-distanced time! My husband John met us there, and afterward, John and I did some of the hike the group had done.

More photos:

Jack V



Sun Aug 2

This report was written by Jim

Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve

11 Hikers

3 dogs

Hikers met on Ellis Hollow Creek Rd at the nature preserve

I (Jim ) had been concerned about the weather causing a cancellation of this hike, and in fact as I pulled into the Preserve parking lot the sky was a dark color that threatened rain

I found the parking lot already about half full of cars, and as I waited for the group a steady stream of other dog walkers arrived or departed from the parking lot.

Clearly the Small Hiking Group would not be on the trail alone today.

By the time the remainder of the group had arrived, the sky was a more pleasing shade of blue and the group was not threatened with any foul weather for the duration of our hike.

Hikers and dogs did a counterclockwise loop around the trail system. It was pleasantly warm, and the sun was out for much of the hike. Since the last time I’ve been on this trail it appears that someone has put some effort into installing stone steps and earth retaining boards at one water crossing. This trail improvement was much appreciated

At the conclusion of the first circuit of the trail the majority of the group opted to do a second, reverse lap around the same route, led by Jack V.

I left the hike and went to Ridgeway Rd to get some photos of the portion of the FLT that the group was clearing last week for Stephens weekly hike summary.




The members of the small group have decided not to add people to the group unless they’re already known to at least several of the current hikers. If you don’t know any of them but you still want to join them, write to Jim at “” and he’ll put you on the waiting list.