Report to Hikers — week of Oct 25 – Oct 31

Hello Hikers!

Wed Oct 27

Hike report by Jim

Arnot Forest, Newfield

Four hikers met by the North gate of Arnot forest for a hunting season road walk

It was a cool but somewhat windy day, perfect hiking weather even with the cool breezes

Pulling up to the  gate of Arnot Forest, the air was full of the noise from the run-off from recent rains flowing quickly in the adjoining ditches.

Setting off from the cars, hikers are met initially by a short climb that takes you past a small older cemetery. The residents there didn’t appear to take any notice of our passing.

Coming to the first intersection, most people take a left turn to continue hiking, as the road ahead is chained off and somewhat overgrown. We took a few minutes to check out the chained-off road, but quickly found that the previous evenings rains had left the soil there a soggy mess.

Returning to the T intersection the group turned south. The road from here onwards was a series of gradual roller coaster peaks and valleys. The group stopped occasionally to check out the ruins of various foundations along the road.

Climbing one small peak in particular , the group found a very good views over the changing trees of the valley beyond. Stopping for a quick group picture, the group continued onwards.

Arriving at some small ponds at the turn-around time, the group delayed long enough to check out the ponds before turning around and re-tracing our steps to the cars

Photos by Randy

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Sat Oct 30

Hike report by Jim

Lime Hollow Nature Preserve, Cortland County

Fifteen hikers met on Gracie Rd in Cortland County for a hike of the Lime Hollow Nature Preserve.

Temps were cool, and the early morning rain broke just as the hike time started.

The group moved down the Lehigh Valley Trail, turning onto the Hawthorn Connector for a trip around Baldwin Pond on the High Vista Loop. We tried to stop in along the loop for a look at Baldwin Pond, but the weeds and undergrowth presented too much of a challenge.

Returning to the Lehigh Valley Trail the group jumped onto Hermits Way and then Fen Way, which returned the group to the Lehigh Valley Trail.

In most places the trails were perfectly fine for hiking; with only shallow pools of water  and a few muddy areas presenting any sort of challenge.

Once back on the Lehigh Valley Trail the group returned to the parking area on Gracie Road, and then took the Lehigh Valley Trail to Maple Run.

On Maple Run I found the carpet of newly fallen leaves in all of their various hues of yellow and orange to be quite magnificent. Right around this time the rain resumed for a short time, then dissipated into a misty sprinkle that hardly proved to be an impediment to the hike.

Taking the Maple Run Trail to the Chicago Bog the group paused briefly, then walked the Phillips Memorial Trail to the Esker Connector; this in turn led back to Maple Run.

Returning to the cars via Maple Run and the Lehigh Valley Trail, the hike concluded with five minutes to spare; not bad, considering the weather conditions we had expected on this hike day. Several members of todays group commented that this hike had taken them to parts of the Nature Center that they had not previously visited, so I think that it was a worthwhile hike

Photos by Cian


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Sun Oct 31

Hike report by Nancy H

Halloween hike through two old in-town cemeteries

Thirty-eight hikers (some in costume) and six dogs met in the Ithaca High School parking lot on a cloudy, drizzly morning. The rain soon ended, but the atmosphere was perfect for making our way up the hill through Lakeview Cemetery. At the top, we paused in Sunset Park for a group picture and to take photos of the lake and cloud-shrouded hills on the far shore.

From there we walked through Cayuga Heights and over the bridge above Ithaca Falls to the City Cemetery. We walked along several cemetery paths, then exited at the bottom of the hill on University Avenue. From there, some of the hikers headed north through Fall Creek and back to their cars. The rest of us climbed the Cascadilla Gorge trail. Recent rains have really swollen the creek, making the waterfalls and cascades impressive… and noisy! At the top of the gorge, we made our way to Stewart Avenue and went back down the hill on the trail that goes along the gorge’s rim and eventually opens onto Cascadilla Park Road. We walked along Linn Street, pausing at Fall Creek Elementary School to hear about the gallows that used to stand on that site, before walking past Ithaca Falls and back to IHS parking lot.

Photos by shesse

Lakeview Cemetery
Sunset Park overlook — remember, you can click any photo and get a high-res blow-up version
Stewart Avenue bridge
City Cemetery
Jim had to work, but he was able to drop by for the meet-up

Photos by Cian

You can see Cian’s complete photo album here