Report to Hikers January 1-January 7

Monday, January 1

Taughannock Falls State Park

*This is a special hike event-FIRST DAY HIKE.*

Photos by Leigh Ann

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Wednesday, January 3

Eberhard Nature Preserve

Hike report by Casey

21 hikers and one dog met at the Codington Road parking lot at the Eberhard Preserve.

This hike in this direction starts out going up a serious hill in the very beginning. This hill is step enough that it actually seemed steeper and tougher on the way back down. Only special hills carry that distinction.

My plan was to go one hour,ten minutes and turn around but at one hour five minutes the muddy section suggested we had gone far enough. So we turned around and I got back to the cars five minutes early as the others were smart enough to exercise a little more caution on their way back down the steep hill.

We managed 4.28 miles with 905 feet of elevation gain.

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Saturday, January 6

FLT from Comfort Rd

Hike report by Casey

We started with maybe 25 hikers or so. I think there was also one dog.

This seems like a relatively flat hike but as you cross a series of ravines you end up with about 500 feet of elevation gain. This hike is often quite muddy, yet today it was cold enough to stiffen up that mud and I was glad I had my spikes on. I even had a chance to appreciate them on a small section of good clean solid ice.

Being a simple out and back hike we all had the chance to go at our own pace and turn around one hour in. The lead pack went past the quarry and turned around at Bruce Hill Road for a total distance of 5.51 miles in 2 hours.

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Sunday, January 7

Ct Hill Homesteads Loop

This hike was cancelled due to weather conditions.