Report to Hikers April 15-April 21

Wednesday, April 17

The Pinnacles from Bald Hill Rd., Danby SF

Hike report by Casey

Marcy met with 26 hikers starting at Bald Hill Road and Station Road. We walked on Bald Hill Road a little until we turned right onto the orange blazed Abbott Loop. This was an out and back with everyone turning around in an hour regardless of any speed and distance differential. Seven of us actually made it up to the Pinnacles and down the other side all the way to the creek at the bottom of a steep hill at exactly one hour in.

At that point we turned around and retraced our steps until getting back to our cars at exactly the two hour point, having hiked 4.6 miles with an elevation gain of 900 to 1,000 feet depending on which app you use.

Photo by Jim
Photos by Leigh Ann

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Saturday, April 20

Hike along Carter Creek

Hike report by Nancy Lorr

32 people and 2 dogs gathered at the junction of Boylan and Lloyd Stark Rd for a hike along Carter Creek. We walked up Boylan Rd a short way passing a large beaver pond on the way.  After the road crossed Carter Creek we cut into the trees on a well trodden trail that followed the creek along the rim gradually going uphill to about 200 feet above the creek.  Then the trail headed gradually down hill.  During this stretch we had a good view of Rowell and Doll Hill  through the leafless trees.  The trail intersects Carter Creek Road.  This road follows the main branch of Carter Creek.  Most of us turned right on this road following it until we reached an old carriage road which we took down to view the creek closeup.  The creek was too full for an easy crossing though several hardy souls made it.  If we had been able to cross we could have seen the crumbling foundation of an old homestead a short way up the hill.  We retraced our steps and headed the other direction until we crossed the creek we had previously followed and reached a trail that headed uphill on the other side of the creek. At the top of the hill we visited a lovely beaver pond surrounded by old pines and  beaver chewed stumps of other trees.  We negotiated a swampy area to emerge on Lloyd Starks road close to our cars.

Photos by Leigh Ann

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Photos by Nancy and Randy

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Sunday, April 21

Logan Hill Nature Preserve, Candor

Hike report by Leigh Ann

Twenty hikers convened at the Candor High School parking lot to hike up and around the top of Logan Hill on the seasonal road and yellow trail. The day was kind of crummy, with colder and more overcast weather than in the previous week, but the trail and views were rewarding.

Photos by Leigh Ann
Photo by Kelly

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