Report to Hikers June 3-June 9

Wednesday, June 5

 Lower Buttermilk Toward Yaple Road

Hike report by Leigh Ann

Fifteen hikers met in the parking lot for Lower Buttermilk Falls for this hike on a beautiful, warm morning. This is a good hike for a Wednesday because everyone 62 years of age or older gets in for free, and this isn’t true on the weekends. 

We hiked up the Gorge Trail, over King Road to the Bear Trail, up past Treman Lake. The weather has been dry enough recently that crossing the creek just below the damaged footbridge was easy – good to remember because lots of other times of the year, an easy (or any) crossing at that location isn’t possible.

Then we headed down the hiker roller coaster of eskers on the eastern side of Treman Lake, back down the Bear Trail, and over King Road. Some hikers chose to take the Gorge Trail down to the parking lot, and the rest chose to take the Rim Trail down. From the start of the hike to the end, this one took two hours – about five miles and close to 1000 feet of elevation gain!

Photos by Leigh Ann

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Saturday, June 8

The Gulf from Swan Hill Road and over Swan Hill

Hike report by Nancy Lorr

It was cool and partly sunny when 22 people gathered for the hike from Swan Hill Rd.

It was about a quarter mile up bumpy Swan Hill Rd to where we took off to the left into the woods up a steep old road cut that started the trail.  The first quarter of the hike was along this woodsy up and down trail which followed the Henderson Gulf creek which originates as the outlet of Cayuta lake well known from the Van Lone loop hike. This trail intersects with the FLT where we turned right to start an uphill trek.  Our route departed thr FLT to climb and old eroded carriage road up to the top of Swan hill. The road continued east where large old maples lining the road were  evidently planted by old settlers.  We reached the dirt roads maintained in summer by DEC and made fast time going east on Alpine rd and then taking a right in Swan Hill from to return to our cars.

Photos by Randy

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Sunday, June 9

 Lower Treman Park Trails

No report was submitted for this hike.