Report to Hikers: week of May 16-May 22


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday May 18

Yellow Barn SF, Dryden

Aviary Photo_131082239760919109Aviary Photo_131080787703594152Aviary Photo_131080787380241522Tadpoles hatching!

Aviary Photo_131080790301451854Aviary Photo_131080786046954860Aviary Photo_131081179340509464Official head count:  15H, one D

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Saturday May 21

Woodard Road south into Upper Treman SP, Enfield

Aviary Photo_131083795430044290Rain nearby …. approaching  ….  wonderful mild and gloomy atmospherics!

Aviary Photo_131083796112028761Aviary Photo_131083796610986045We wanted to cross Fishkill Creek so we could walk on several quiet country roads just beyond  —  water level very high, and we had to bushwhack quite a distance upstream to find a shallow enough crossing point

Aviary Photo_131083800073255688Aviary Photo_131083798404104936Aviary Photo_131083797886455706Aviary Photo_131083791416675304Aviary Photo_131083789755721133Van Ostrand Road at Thomas Road, a country setting just south of the park boundary

Aviary Photo_131083787746592801Lucifer Falls lookout

Official head count:  22H, threeD

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Sunday May 22

Six Mile Creek from Juniper Drive to the upper reservoir

Aviary Photo_131084148953684038Aviary Photo_131084149809965696More great atmospherics ….  raining very lightly off and on

Aviary Photo_131084150855786322The walk down the stream bed was extremely slippery, worse than we’ve ever seen it  —  one hiker fell and just caught himself on his fingers before he smashed his knee really badly

Aviary Photo_131084151469133493Fallen trees across the stream bed also a big problem  —  more than we’ve ever seen  —  very slow going

R0097390We brought a rope to help with the big uphill climb  —  it actually did help a bit

Aviary Photo_131084154501580789R0097403R0097420Official head count:  28H, three D

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