Report to Hikers: week of May 30-June 5


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday June 1

Road walk  —  Trumansburg, side roads and back roads

R0097948[1]This was a special walk conceived by regulars Mark and Ellie to show off parts of T’burg that most people would never get to see unless someone very familiar with the village showed them around.

R0097978It was a perfect walk for me because I’ve always liked the feeling that T’burg creates when you drive through, but I’d never looked around.  In fact, it’s a fantastic place and now I feel like I’d like to move out of Fall Creek where Tiger and I live, and move here instead.

R0098011We just had to walk for a few minutes from the village parking lot to get into a fantastic neighborhood with huge old houses and rural-seeming properties.  We wandered around here for a while and then went onto the property where all the schools are clustered.  This felt a bit like a park.  One of the hikers is a T’burg HS grad and he sang the full alma mater for us, to our amused appreciation.

R0098017Shortly after, we got to a surprisingly large old growth forest full of a wonderful sweet fragrance that one of the hikers said was honeysuckle.  Just beyond was Grove Cemetery, where the alma-mater singer’s father and extended family are buried.  I love cemeteries and this is a really beautiful one.  The hikers were lookiing at some fancy stone lettering here.

R0098070The areas north of Route 96 along Trumansburg Creek are exceptionally nice  —  not striking in the way the historic neighborhood just south of downtown is, but with a wonderful low-density semi-rural feeling.


R0098091We spent a fair amount of time out in the sun but luckily it wasn’t too hot.  All in all, a fabulous walk.

R0098100Official head count:  17H, two D


Saturday June 4

Satterly Hill, Schuyler County


Aviary Photo_131095872622054297Once again, we failed to find the idyllic spring scene I’d hoped for  —  but it was fantastic anyway

R0098233The fields had been cut pretty recently and we had great views in several directions  —  our nature photographer Annie was finally able to get back on the trail after several foot injuries, and you can see some very big views in her online shots, linked below.


R0098268We spend a good bit of time out in the open on this walk  —  luckily it wasn’t sunny or hot

Aviary Photo_131095407043956526Official head count:  21H, two D

More photos online:





Sunday June 5

Willseyville Creek, Caroloine





R0098426This is snapping turtle territory  —  this one didn’t seem afraid of us at all  —  looked like it might easily lunge at us  —  the dogs were really interested




For the second Sunday in a row,it started to rain fairly hard just a few minutes after we got back to the cars and started home

Official head count:  22H, five D

More photos online: