Report to Hikers: week of June 6-June 12


Hello Hikers!


Thursday June 9

Fillmore Glen, Moravia

R0098549A lot of our hikers are big travelers, but evidently no one is making the 21-mile trip from Ithaca to this beautiful gorge  —  the average time since the last visit here for Thuusday’s group was around 20 years

R0098566This is a replica of the cabin where President Fillmore grew up a few miles away  —  I neglected to look inside but Norm shot a video that you can see here.

R0098527And that’s the videographer at work

R0098582Fillmore Glen has similarities to the gorges closer to town that we’re all familiar with, but it’s different enough to be very pleasing and  interesting  —  certainly seems worth coming here a little more often than every 10-20-30 years


R0098611R0098619Some really fantastic rock walls along the way  —  my favorite model ….

R0098627This is the end of the trail  —  somewhat strenuous walk up  —  there’s also a road so you can drive straight to the top.

Official head count:  13H, three D


Saturday June 11

Deputron Hollow Road, Danby

Hike coordinated by Roger.  Photos and report by Sabine:

11 humans..5 dogs…became steamy…5 hikers went further,  6 of us turned around when we heard dogs bark in distance…roger was part of the group that went on…and he has a story.

Annie on vacation. Katharine dog sitting Rusty.

IMG_4475IMG_4476IMG_4477(We can see the road was wet, and I know from the Ithaca Climate Page that it was raining just before the hike  —  also supposed to rain during the hike but it didn’t, according to the various rain loggers.)

IMG_4486IMG_4492(Sabine also likes to take nature shots.)


Sunday June 12

Sledding hill, Taughannock Falls SP

This hike was coordinated by Hobit and Roger.  Photos and hike report by Hobit


It was a blustery start at the top of Taughannock with everyone informing me “what Steve would do.” After consulting my co-leader Roger, taking the requisite group photo, and one slight misdirection, we found the trail and wound our way down the hill then through some lovely forest down to the creek.  Despite brewing mutany and scattered lack of faith in my directional prowess, we made it to the overlook for some oohing and ahing before taking advantage of the bathrooms at the new visitors center and heading west on the North Rim trail.  We lost a few folks at our stealth descent on the other side of the railroad tressel for a short jaunt along the South Rim Trail to take in some other scenic vistas, but picked them up again on the way back.  One group ended up opting for the really short return to the parking lot, while the rest of us completed the MU trail loop for a perfect 4 miles and 2 hours.   Most of us had never been on the MU trail, so it was nice to see somewhere new, especially on such a beautiful day. We started off with 26 hikers and I think 6 dogs, until Kathryn appeared on the top of a hill like an angel along with 3 dogs.  I discovered one of the secrets of Steve’s leadership success (timely use of a bellowing “Yo!”) but am sure I’m not the only one who has newfound respect and awe for Steve and Susan’s hike leading superpowers.  Thank you all for a wonderful morning!