Report to Hikers: week of June 13-June 19


Hello Hikers!

A warm week but very low humidity  —  lovely under the trees and we had three great hikes


Wednesday June 15

Bald Hill Road to The Pinnacles look-out, Danby SF


R0098903The wonderful look-out with the striking views over West Danby and the hills beyond is now fully obscured by scrubby trees until the leaves drop in the fall  —  so we had to do the traditional commemorative shot facing the other way

R0098929At the half-way point  —  it takes an hour to get back to the cars if you retrace your steps, including a steep climb  —  or about 20 minutes without any climb if you go back on the road here.  There’s always a little drama at this point  —  who will wimp out and take the short-cut?

R0098962…. more than half the group took the short way back ….



R0098990Official head count:  24H, four D

Check out Jack V’s photos online here.


Saturday June 18

Hammond Hill SF, ski trails

R0099028A little excitement at the meet-up:  Randy and Nancy pulled up in a 69 Jag

R0099049R0099059R0099091R0099094R0099118R0099134R0099138Official head count:  18H, four D


Sunday June 19

Shindagin Hollow SF, Braley Hill Road to Shindagin Hollow Road on the FLT


Official head count:  28H, three D


Roti get-together at Jack and Sandy’s

R0099299Jack and Sandy had this house built when they moved here from San Diego 16 years ago.  It’s a classic passive solar design  —  it catches the low winter sunlight but excludes the hot summer sun with overhanging roofs and decks.

R0099235The roti was fantastic; the wrap part was especially tender.  It took a lot of work but the result was really exceptional.

R0099274R0099287Gorgeous setting looking south over the pond with some hills in the distance


Margaret  —  the pond is full of blue dye to control algae

A number of us went swimming  —  water temp was just right

R0099314Talk about a hiker doing a good job keeping the love handles and waist puffiness under control  —  Tom  —  Tiger looks a little blase ….?

Get-together head count  —  I didn’t try an official count but we picked up some people who didn’t hike and it was a good turnout, especially considering it was Father’s Day.

Check out Annie’s photos online here.

Jack V didn’t post his shots online yet  —  stay tuned.