Report to Hikers: week of Sept 6-Sept 11


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Sept 7

Railroad right-of-way from Dryden to Freeville  —  road walk

aviary-photo_131177441337682497aviary-photo_131177446065200990We tried out a new walk, northwest from downtown Dryden toward Freeville on an abandoned railroad right-of-way

aviary-photo_131177451132937775Very pleasant and interesting overall, though it was a little warm to be out in the sun


r0104981-2Lots of good scenes off the the side along the way, and we made a couple of brief side trips

aviary-photo_131177929263599582Norm got a new camera the day before and he resumed his habit of shooting video of us as we shuffled along  —  you can see his latest here (it’s the item on the far right)


r0105008-2Official head count:  18H, two D

You can see Jack V’s online photos here


Saturday Sept 10

Shindagin Hollow SF, rim trail along Shindagion gorge


Fantastic dark and sultry morning …  a little rain on the windshield driving to the trail head, rain nearby showing on the doppler radar  —  these are ideal conditions for hiking along this picturesque trail, but it was much too dark for photos in the woods

So here we are on our way back to the cars  —  it turned sunny at the very end

r0105072-2We had the first appearance of a dog who will become a new super-regular, Sophie

r0105040-2I thought it was time for us to check in with Norm’s very extravagant beard ….

r0105013-2Official head count:  16H, two D

You can see Jack V’s photos online here


Sunday Sept 11

Monkey Run Natural Area, north side of Fall Creek, Hanshaw Road


aviary-photo_131180907747050244r0105211-2r0105239-2aviary-photo_131180900408399167r0105304-2aviary-photo_131180887713198777Official head count:  33H, six D

You can see Jack V’s online photos here




Jack V recently took a trip to Kentucky.  You can see his photos online here