Report to Hikers: week of Sept 12-Sept 18


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Sept 14

Upper Treman SP, mixed woods walk and road walk

r0105389-2r0105407-2r0105412-2r0105420-2r0105435-2r0105449-2r0105463-2r0105468-2r0105479-2Official head count:  19H, two D

Review of the walk from Sabine:  “Ten out of 10!”

You can see Jack V’s online photos here


Saturday Sept 17

Connecticut Hill WMA with Dave B  —  The Wedge

aviary-photo_131186081674463372r0105578-3Another great walk in this big wilderness area  —  some of the time, there didn’t seem to be any discernible footpath at all and it seemed like we were just walking through trackless woods  —  but it turned out Dave did have a plan and we had a delightful time

r0105587-3Very shady under the trees and I didn’t bother trying to get any shots in the woods

r0105588-2Somehow I managed to get this chiaroscuro shot on one of he dirt roads  —  I like the drama of it, and the variety of expressions

r0105598-3As some of you know, I like to wrap up our hikes in two hours  —  precisely, if possible  —  this has given me a little bit of a reputation as a cuckoo but I don’t care  —  Dave is on board with this concept in general and I’m always curious to see how close he can come on these Connecticut Hill walks  —  it’s a great challenge in timing and pacing because his hikes are always loops, not in and out

r0105610-2…..  One hour 58 minutes and 15 seconds

Official head count:  21H, six D


Sunday Sept 18

Six Mile Creek, north side, Mulhollard Wildflower Preserve to Potter’s Falls

r0105666-2r0105691-2r0105701-2r0105712-2r0105725-2r0105743-2r0105761-2r0105786-2Official head count:  32H, four D

I felt some pressure to get back to the cars very close to two hours in light of Dave’s great hike timing performance the day before  —  made it back in 1:58:45  —  but most of the group chose to push on beyond Potter’s Falls, our regular turn-around point, and walk up the very exciting narrow cliff-face trail to the upper dam  —  no way to do that and finish the hike in two hours.

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