Report to Hikers: week of Sept 18-Sept 25


Hello Hikers!


Tuesday Sept 20

Our oldest hiker, Eckhart, turned 85

monkey-run-north-side-182That’s Eckhart on the left walking on the girder during a hike last May at Monkey Run.  About 30 regular hikers showed up at his house Tuesday afternoon for a surprise party organized by his wife Dorothea.

Annie took some photos —  here


Wednesday Sept 21

Road walk  —  Marsh Road and Deputron Hollow Road, Danby

r0105817-2r0105795-2We had a first meeting with yet another new dog who’ll become a regular, ZaZa  —  extremely sweet and well-behaved

r0105839-2r0105849-2r0105861-2r0105873-2Official head count:  19H, three D

More photos:



Saturday Sept 24

Finger Lakes National Forest  —  Potomac Road Campground area trails with Jack V

r0105900-2r0105906-2r0105927-2r0105951-2r0105963r0106012-2r0106036-2r0106051-2r0106078-2r0106083-2This is a fantastic walk and I’m going to put in on our Top 12 list.

Official head count:  24H, three D

More photos:


Jack V


Sunday Sept 25

YMCA, EcoVillage and Coy Glen trails, West Hill  —  with Virginia


r0106139-2r0106145-2r0106175-2r0106191-2r0106205-2We actually walked through three separate and distinct areas  —  two large shady woods, each with its own character, and the big overgrown fields east of Ecovillage  —  too dark in the woods and I didn’t attempt any photos there.

The trail network is so convoluted and confusing that it’s comical  —  Virginia lives extremely close by so she’s mastered it over the years  —  without her we would have immediately gotten hopelessly lost.  She plotted out and timed the three loops the day before  —  another trail guide with excellent pacing  —  back to the cars in just a few minutes over two hours.  The two wooded tracts were extremely parched-looking  —  big fields looked vibrant and beautiful to me, full of asters and goldenrod and some shrubs starting to turn.

r0106211-2Official head count:  27H, seven D

More photos:


Jack V


Regular hikers Jack V and Mark went on a short camping trip in the Adirondacks during the week.  You can see Jack V’s photos of this trip here.