Report to Hikers: week of Oct 3-Oct 9


Hello Hikers!


Fair warning:  No more slack in the time we start our hikes

I’ve always been lenient about delaying our start so people running a little late can join up with us  —  especially when it’s a hike where the trail we’re going to take isn’t obvious.  And, possibly because everyone knows I’m lenient, we always get a few stragglers who pull up after the advertised start time.

But due to chronic dissent in the ranks, we’re now going to leave at precisely the time specified in the hike announcement.  I keep my watch synched with the official US time and we’re going to step off on the dot.  So be advised.


Wednesday Oct 5

Shindagin Hollow SF, various bike trails off of Braley Hill Road

aviary-photo_131202215106883092I always hope I can get enough usable photos to make a little narrative of our walk  —  failed this time  —  all I could manage was the beginning ….

aviary-photo_131202220174549281…. the middle ….

r0106732-2…. and the end.

Both our nature photographers were with us and they managed to get photos along the way  —  too dark for me


Jack V

Official head count:  21H, four D



Saturday Oct 8

South leg of the Abbott Loop from Michigan Hollow Road toward The Pinnacles, Danby SF

r0106739-2Another lucky morning for us in the face of a poor forecast

r0106759-2r0106765-2The rain held off until we reached the turn-around point, and then it was just a heavy drizzle, mostly blocked by the trees

r0106771-2I think this trail’s at its best when there’s rain nearby, and it was fantastic this time  —  wonderful gloom under the trees, mist, yellow leaves glowing  —  the trail was a little slippery, though.  I’d hoped to get a sense of whether I still love this walk so much, but I was talking too much and I failed to pay enough attention to the surroundings.

Official head count:  15H, two D



Sunday Oct 9

Kennedy SF, Virgil

r0106777-2r0106802-2r0106827-2r0106850-2r0106867-2r0106874-2r0106882-2r0106905-2Official head count:  40H, seven D