Report to Hikers: week of Oct 10-Oct 16


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Oct 12

Road walk, large dairy farm neighborhood NE of Freeville  —  Red Mill Road, West Malloryville

r0106923-2r0106963-3r0106981-2r0106997-2r0107086-2r0107095-2r0107110-2r0107139-2r0107150-2Official head count:  16H, one D

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Saturday Oct 15

Southern leg of the Abbott Loop from Michigan Hollow Road east to Hill Road, Danby SF

r0107159-2r0107163-2r0107181-2r0107183-2aviary-photo_131210754786790309r0107241-2r0107251-2r0107275-2r0107278-2Official head count:  16H, four D

You can see Annie’s photos online here



Sunday Oct 16

Yellow Barn SF, Dryden

r0107323-2r0107341-3r0107355-2r0107395-2It started to rain about five minutes after we got into the woods  —  wasn’t supposed to rain until afternoon and a number of us weren’t wearing any rain gear  —  quickly started to rain fairly hard, though we were somewhat sheltered by the trees  —  then, just as quickly, it stopped

r0107397-2aviary-photo_131211621029298018r0107451-2r0107459-2aviary-photo_131211627157524835I’ve never found a detailed map of Yellow Barn and it’s full of confusing woods roads and trails  —  we ran into a problem on the way back to the cars  —  we were going to go back along the edge of a big field but there were horses out and we were afraid the dogs might scare them  —  forced to bushwhack for a while  —  I like the break in routine but it made us late getting back

aviary-photo_131211622854322764On the plus side, the areas that are normally muddy were dry, and the fall scenery was gorgeous

Official head count:  30H, six D

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Jack V