Report to Hikers: week of Oct 31-Nov 6


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Nov 2

Watkins Glen

r0108252-2r0108263-2You can be forced to wait in line to get into this fabulous gorge in season  —  the trick is to come in November, early in the day  —  we pretty much had the main parking lot and the trail to ourselves

r0108284-2r0108296-2r0108300-2On the theory that it’s safer for an old, somewhat shaky group of hikers to go up the steps rather than to go down, we walk back along the rim, which is just a typical trail

r0108346-2r0108358-2Nice lookout dating from 80 years ago  —  to bad there’s no longer any view to see, because lots of trees have grown up.  Advice to DEC:  Cut them down!

There are great views from this bridge ….

Unfortunately, the walk up the gorge and back down the rim doesn’t add up to two hours  —  but you can explore some beautiful trails along the south side, and there are other sights to see

r0108383-2r0108385-2r0108426-2Official head count:  24H

You can see Jack V’s photos here



Saturday Nov 5

Gorge Trail, Finger Lakes National Forest, Schuyler County


Official head count:  27H, four D

More photos online:


Jack V



Sunday Nov 6

Shindagin Hollow SF, Braley Hill Road to Shindagin Hollow Road on the FLT

r0108608-2r0108635-2r0108683-2r0108690-2r0108708-2r0108736-3r0108762-2r0108772-2Official head count:  39H, 11 D (possibly a record)

More photos online:


Jack V


Update on our Thanksgiving get-together

Looks like two hikers will each roast a turkey  —  stay tuned


Want to map the hikes?

Here’s a recommendation from regular Sunday hiker Jack B


“Several fellow hikers have asked about the app we sometimes use to track our hikes.  Here is some info that you might want to pass on to the group..

The app is called Maps.ME  (used to be called Maps with Me).  It uses the GPS in iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to show you where you are without requiring a data connection. Instead, you download free maps ahead of time of the area where you are going to be. Turn on the app and it shows you on the map where you are. It lets you mark places as bookmarks, plan routs to somewhere, and even record a “recent track”.  I used that this morning and it recorded a nice set of dots along our hike trajectory. You can save these if you want.  Everything is free and they have maps for all over the world. Many maps even show trails (we used this for hiking an obscure trail in Norway a few years ago).  To get it, just go to the relevant app store for your device and download it.  A recent manual on what it does and how to use it is online at:   There are also YouTube videos showing you how to use the app.  The critical point is that you do NOT need a data or phone connections to use this app. Very cool.


PS. The manual dos not include all the recent features included in the current app, such as the Recent Track option. You may have to experiment with that as I did today.”