Report to Hikers: week of Nov 7-Nov 13


Hello Hikers


Wednesday Nov 9

Woodard Road NW toward Porter Hill Road, Enfield

r0108798-2Classic fall morning, drizzling a little, gloomy skies, upper 40s  —  not everyone’s idea of a great day but I really love these conditions

r0108802-2r0108809-2r0108810-2r0108829-2We’ve had to cut this walk short for the last few years because a landowner withdrew permission for access, but that was just recently remedied, and the new trail is lovely

aviary-photo_131231965567313960r0108849-2r0108893-2Official head count:  14H, one D



Saturday Nov 12

Carter Creek Loop, Connecticut Hill WMA


r0109097r0109111-2This is an excellent trail with a number of very beautiful stretches  —  looked especially lovely with the bright slanting sunlight and the long shadows

Official head count:  26H, eight D

More photos online:


Jack V



Sunday Nov 13

Hammond Hill SF ski trails

aviary-photo_131235894039567731r0109212-2r0109246-2r0109260-2r0109267-2aviary-photo_131235388865972141r0109303-2r0109315-2More gorgeous weather  —  another great walk

Official head count:  32H, 11 D