Report to Hikers: week of Nov 14-Nov 20


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Nov 16

Road walk  —  Legge Hill Road from Honeypot Road to Lathrop Hill Road and beyond, Candor

r0109348-2r0109363-2r0109380-2First time we walked on this road  —  I decided we should try it without ever having been here  —  I picked it out just by looking at Google maps  —  I thought it looked really promising but it was far more beautiful than I’d hoped  —  it helped that it was a wonderful mild morning

r0109433-2r0109458-2r0109475-2I love to walk in the woods, of course, but when we can find a country road like this one, I like it on the road just as much

r0109481-2r0109495-2r0109526-2Official head count:  18H, four D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Saturday Nov 19

Upper Buttermilk Falls SP



r0109637-2Official head count:  40H, 12 D (a new record for us, I think)

You can see Annie’s photos online here


Sunday Nov 20

Upper Treman SP

r0109673-2r0109681-2r0109704-2r0109716-2r0109721-2r0109731-2We had a little bit of an adventure  —  we wanted to cross Fishkill Creek but the water was high and the rocks very slippery  —  one group made it across but the rest of us chickened out  —  some of those who crossed recrossed back, the others forged ahead on the other side and met up with us later  —  fun!

r0109753-2r0109755-2r0109760-2r0109775-2Those of you who fly around for pleasure have probably hiked in summer conditions one day and winter conditions the next, but for those of us stay-at-home hikers it was an interesting experience.  I was a little surprised to find that I enjoyed Sunday’s wintry hike just as much as Saturday’s balmy one  —  though of course it wasn’t truly cold Sunday, so it wasn’t a perfect experiment.

Official head count:  18H, seven D

You can see Jack V’s photos here