Report to Hikers: week of Nov 21-Nov 27


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Nov 23

Stevens Suspension Bridge and Fall Creek Natural Area

aviary-photo_131244565028519381r0109813-2r0109833r0109843-2r0109865-2r0109886-2r0109911-2r0109947-2The snow became extremely deep in places up in the big fields, and the walking got so hard we turned back  —  Norm getting the snow out of his boots ….

Toward the end, the sun came out and we ended up at the arboretum look-out  —  lovely morning

r0109964-2Official head count:  15H, 5 D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Thanksgiving Day

Get-together at Katharine and Scott’s, Danby

r0109977Tiger and I had visitors so we were only able to drop by for a little while —  very cheerful warm vibe

Official head count  —  as per Scott:  33 people, four dogs and two cats


Saturday Nov 26

Road walk, Taber Hill Farms, west of Mecklenburg on Route 79

r0109988A bit raw at the meet-up ….  chilly nagging breeze and raining ….

r0110017…. but we managed to warm up pretty fast by walking briskly up the hill away from Route 79


r0110112…. and if you like bleak and melancholy late fall scenery (I do), it was a fantastic walk

r0110171My only complaint is that the slopes in this area are pretty gradual and I like it when the land rolls a little more vigorously

r0110172-2On the other hand, the long views are spectacular  —  at one point I looked around and there were distant hills visible around the entire 360-degree horizon  —  no way to capture that in a photograph, of course  —  it was really striking

r0110067-2Several of the hikers said they want to come back in early spring when the leaves are just coming out, and also in fall when the leaves are turning, to get a whole different color experience in the cyclorama setting

Official head count:  12H, four D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Sunday Nov 27

Lime Hollow Nature Preserve, McLean

r0110199-2r0110203-2r0110217-2r0110234-2aviary-photo_131247485112184711r0110277-2r0110299-2r0110312r0110320-2Official head count:  23H

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Holiday events coming up

Christmas Day get-together at Iris’s  —  probably with a turkey

New Year’s Day tailgate party