Report to Hikers: week of Jan 2-Jan 8


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Jan 4

Road walk  —  Hosenfeld Road, Carley Road and Steam Mill Road, Odessa

Back to the same place we did our Wednesday hike the week before  —  several people had said then that the views were even better higher up the hill

More fantastic wintry atmospherics  —  dramatically gloomy sky, a bit of sleet,some  mist on the distant hills.  This was the day before the cold wave arrived so we were pretty comfortable.

Official head count:  19H, seven D

More photos:


Jack V


Saturday Jan 7

Monkey Run Natural Area, south side of Fall Creek, Varna

Official head count:  27H, four D

You can see Annie’s photos here


Sunday Jan 8

Six Mile Creek, Mulholland Wildflower Preserve

Something different  —  we started by walking up the driveway, crossing over the creek on the Giles Street bridge, and going down to the creek edge downstream from where we always hike.  This is a dramatic spot with towering cliffs on the north side of the creek and an abandoned factory.  A number of the hikers had never been here before, though it’s only two minutes walk from the parking lot.

Very cold and gusty winds as predicted but we were shielded by the woods most of the time and it wasn’t uncomfortable being out.  It was snowing at first  —  then the sun came out and it was lovely.

Official head count:  16H, four D

You can see Annie’s photos here