Report to Hikers: week of Jan 9-Jan 15


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Jan 11

Road walk  —  Mount Pleasant Road and Mineah Road, Freeville

This is the wide open spaces road walk we were supposed to do last Sunday that I cancelled because of cold and high winds.  I’m really glad we waited  —  the volatile weather worked out just right  —  mid 40s and dazzling sun and a picturesque coating from the ice storm overnight

We learned about a way we can extend this walk for a long distance through these high fields  —  without any cars  —  stay tuned

If you look closely at the horizon you’ll see two tiny stick figures  —  one with arms outstretched dramatically, almost like he was posing ….

We had a get-together at Steve and Diane’s house nearby in Ellis Hollow afterwards  —  it was a hiker’s birthday  —  fantastic spread  and we had a great time

Official head count, walk and party combined:  23H, four D

You can see Annie’s photos here


Saturday Jan 14

The Wedge, Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area  —  with Dave B

Dave drove out here Friday morning to check the snow and ice status in several spots  —  it looked good to him  —  but he didn’t walk the entire trail, and as we got to the higher elevations, up around 2000 feet, we did find considerable snow cover and hard slippery ice

The trail became a bit tricky  —  I for one really enjoyed trying to avoid falling  —  a number of hikers did fall but nothing serious

We came back downhill on the road rather than attempt to navigate on a trail that might be icy

Dave B is definitely a master of pacing and timing our hikes to more or less exactly two hours  —  he was thrown off a little by the last-second change to the road  —  but we still finished up just three minutes early

Official head count:  20H, four D

More photos:


Jack V


Sunday Jan 15

Stevens Suspension Bridge to the Cornell horse fields and the Monkey Run bluffs, Forest Home

The snow was almost entirely gone but we still encountered patches of treacherous hard ice on the trail, often obscured by grass or leaves  —  I fell down backwards myself  —  landed on my arm and my ass  —  no damage  —  slipping and toppling backwards is generally not as dangerous as catching your foot in a snag and falling forward  —  you can really get hurt doing that

Official head count:  34H, nine D

More photos:


Jack V