Report to Hikers: week of Jan 16-Jan 22


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Jan 18

Road walk  —  Hill Road and Curtis Road, South Danby

Wonderful dark & atmospheric morning  —  drizzle and mist  —  even some thick fog on the way to and from the meet-up

Still snow and ice in the woods out here  —  we even hit some ice on these roads, which are regularly plowed and sanded quite heavily  — I wasn’t expecting it  —  almost went down once

Official head count:  14H, three D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Saturday Jan 21

Rim Trail and Bear Trail, Buttermilk Falls SP

With so many hikers off marching against DJT, I decided to take the morning off from photo-taking myself  —  I was feeling lazy, and I normally have to hustle and scramble a bit to get photos that I regard as good enough.  So I goofed off and just ambled along, enjoying the warm temps and the bright sun.

This is the upper gorge trail on the other side of the creek from where we were walking  —  Tiger got the shot  — tremendous amounts of ice on the steps

On the way back down the rim trail we came upon three rugged-looking bow hunters dragging a dead deer uphill on a rope  —  it didn’t occur to me at the moment to get a photo  —  now I really wish I had  —  they were extremely picturesque

\When we got back to the lower parking lot it was filling up with people surging in to take advantage of the beautiful day

Official head count:  NineH, four D  (one hiker arrived too late for the group photo)


Sunday Jan 22

Monkey Run Natural Area, north side of Fall Creek

Official head count:  27H, nine D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


In last week’s hike report, I failed to link to Jack V’s photos of the birthday party we had on Wednesday at Steve and Diane’s house.  Here they are.