Report to Hikers: week of Jan 30-Feb 5


Hello Hikers!


Wed Feb 1

Abandoned road bed and adjacent fields, Mineah Road between Mount Pleasant Road and Route 13, Freeville

Official head count:  13H, three D

Impromptu roadside hair trim  —  Tiger worked for a while as a licensed hair cutter about 40 years ago  —  still remembers the basics


Sat Feb 4

Jim Schug Trail east into Cortland County on the FLT, Dryden

It’s 400′ from the base of this hill (where the open field ends) up to the top, as measured by Scott with a phone app.  As you can see just by looking, the distance in which you have to make this climb is pretty short, though there are switchbacks.  This is what gives rise to the grumbling.  The snow was a bit slippery this time, so it was actually a little tougher than usual.  A few of the hikers got part way up and then decided to turn back  —  they walked on the perfectly flat Jim Schug Trail instead.

The people on the left are a small group of local hikers we ran into in the home stretch  —  seems like they’d fit right in with us

Official head count:  18H, five D


Sunday Feb 5

Layen Road to Bruce Hill Road and beyond on the FLT, Danby

This is one of the hikes where I always like to stage a group lineup photo   —  I can’t resist the way the huge field curves away as a backdrop  —  a number of stragglers didn’t make it into the shot

Definitely one of our better scenic backgrounds ….

This is the infamous short killer uphill  —  the photo doesn’t do it justice  —  quite slippery so it was a real workout

Bruce Hill Road

Old quarry  —  interesting spot to stand around for about two minutes

Official head count:  23H, seven D

You can see Jack V’s photos here