Report to Hikers: week of Feb 6-Feb 12


Hello Hikers!


Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF


Wednesday Feb 8

Work group to collect firewood and check out the lean-to for our cook-out

We brought in two fantastic labor-saving tools for the first time ever, a chainsaw and a log-splitting maul

It was wonderful to see how these two tools enabled us to collect a huge amount of firewood in an amazingly short time

We hid the big pile of cut and split wood under some pine boughs and dead leaves a little bit away from the lean-to so no one else would see it and burn it up before we got back on the weekend.

Official head count:  15H, three D


Saturday Feb 11


This year’s fire team decided to have a smaller fire than we did last year.  We also decided to have a second fire in back of the lean-to so people could sit on the log benches back there and stay warm

The firewood we’d collected was wetter than we realized

Lots of food  —  I ate a weird mix of things, like what an unsupervised child might do  —  great fun but then after I went to bed for the night I woke up with heartburn

The fire in the back of the lean-to never really got going well and it didn’t attract much of a crowd

A couple of hikers arrived quite late and some people who had been thinking of going home decided to stay around with the newcomers  —  there was a nice variety of liquor on hand and as Tiger and I left people were sitting staring into the fire and sipping the liquor.

Official head count:  30H, nine D

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Jack V


Sunday Feb 12

Hike cancelled  —  rain