Report to Hikers: week of Feb 13-Feb 19


Hello Hikers!


Wed Feb 18

Road walk:  Three farm roads just north of Perry City Road, west of Jacksonville

We’ve had a string of great atmospheric mornings for our Wednesday road walk series, and this one was outstanding  —  snow shower on the way to the trail head and a gorgeous dramatic grey sky

I generally choose our midweek road walks just by looking at the map, and there’s always the possibility they could have dangerously heavy or fast traffic  —  but so far I’ve been very lucky.  These roads were deserted except for one stretch about 300 feet long where we had to shift from one road to another

Official head count:  14H, three D


Saturday Feb 18

Bock Harvey Forest Preserve to Hines Road on the FLT, Enfield

Official head count:  21H, six D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Sunday Feb 19

Potato Hill SF, Caroline

The snow was somewhat deep and very soft both weekend days, and we had to break a trail on the outbound legs  —  surprisingly exhausting

One of the hikers pulled the car a tiny bit too far off the road at the meet-up and it fell into a deep ditch that was obscured by snow  —  a coyote hunter in a big truck offered to pull the car out with a chain, but our guys got it out with some artful pushing and driving ….

Official head count:  17H, eight D