Report to Hikers: week of Feb 20-Feb 26


Hello Hikers!


Wed Feb 22

Snowmobile trail, Route 79 in Slaterville Springs north to Midline Road and Irish Settlement Road, Freeville

Official head count:  17H, five D

You can see Annie’s photos here



Sat Feb 25

Six Mile Creek, south side rim trail

Big storm coming at us on the radar  —  would it hit before we finished the hike?

What a gorgeous morning to step out into the woods!

Wet and slippery in spots  —  several hikers fell down

Started to sprinkle a little about 20 minutes before the end  —  faint thunder in the distance

A couple of minutes after we drove away from the trail head, it started to pour  —  that was a squeaker!

Official head count:  27H, eight D

You can see Jack V’;s photos here


Sunday Feb 26

South Danby Road west toward Hill Road, Danby SF

We had a few little adventures this time, starting with the drainage ditch we need to cross right after we leave the cars  —-  the bridge across looked a bit icy and treacherous ….  0ne of our dogs who was wearing a jacket got knocked into the ditch by another dog in the excitement  —  he got soaked and had to go home early ….

The bridge across this stream had been knocked askew  —  it was tilted and sloping down in one direction  —  a number of us chose to go across on hands and knees, including me  —  very decent way to cross an icy surface

Our two nature photographers have a number of shots of us making the crossing ….

We got a snow shower  —  really added to the great gloomy atmospherics

We hit a good deal of mud and the dogs got dirty  —  one hiker was straddling this same ditch out at the road rinsing off his shoes when a piece of the bank gave way and he tumbled backwards into the ditch  —  he had a surgical bandage on one hand from a fresh carpal tunnel surgery but it didn’t get wet and he didn’t hurt the wrist while taking the tumble

Official head count:  27H, eight D

More photos:


Jack V