Report to Hikers: week of May 15-May 21


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday May 17

South Danby Road to the Tamarack Lean-to on the FLT

First hot-weather hike of the year  —  upper 70s when we shaped up, low 80s when we finished

With the return of bright sunny weather and the leaves now out on the trees, we’re into intense sun-and-shade effects in the woods

All of a sudden it clouded over for a few minutes and it seemed like it might rain  —  it’s interesting to see how drastically the cloudiness changes the lighting in the woods

I took a little poll of some people  —  were they feeling really hot or not?  —  half said they felt hot, the others not very hot

Official head count:  20H, two D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Saturday May 20

Finger Lakes Trail and Abbott Loop between Bald Hill Road and Diane’s Crossing, Danby SF

Official head count:  22H, eight D

More photos:


Jack V


Sunday May 21

Finger Lakes trail from Braley Hill Road to Shindagin Hollow Road, Shindagin Hollow SF

Official head count:  25H, eight D

We were swarmed by small flies whenever we stopped  —  not bad as long as we kept moving

More photos:


Jack V


Who’s who in the Ithaca Hikers

I want to remind you  —  or maybe you never knew it to begin with  —  that we have an online page with photos and names attached of the people who’ve hiked with us at least semi-regularly over some period in the last five years.  This is a good place to ID someone you’ve talked to on the trail or seen in the photos but you don’t know their name.  Here’s a direct link to the ID page  —  you can also reach it at any time by going to the Home page of the hikers web site and scrolling down.  Speaking of ID photos  —  for those of you who complain I never use photos of myself in the hike reports  —  here’s a shot Tiger got of me on Saturday  —  I hope this will silence the complaints for a while