Report to Hikers: week of May 22-May 28


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday May 24

Willseyville Creek, Caroline

Official head count:  19H, four D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Saturday May 27

Jim Schug Trail, Dryden

It wasn’t supposed to rain, but there it was, coming down quite hard as we drove out Route 13 toward Dryden  —  luckily it wasn’t raining at the meet-up

We only do this trail once a year, during hunting season in late November  —  it never occurred to me it would be a stunning place to look at gorgeous spring scenery

The whole area southeast of Dryden along the Route 38 corridor has a wonderful pastoral feeling  —  scattered farms and gently rolling fields and hills  —  the Schug trail runs right through the heart of it

I’m sure a lot of our hikers are really sick of the cloudy wet cool days we’ve been having  —  but some of our regulars actually prefer these atmospherics  —  I’d be happy myself if it was always like this

Official head count:  17H, five D

More photos:


Jack V


Sunday May 28

Shindagin Hollow Road to South Road on the FLT, Shindagin Hollow SF

Official head count:  35H, seven D

More photos:


Jack V