Report to Hikers: week of July 3-July 9


Hello Hikers!


Tuesday July 4

Treman SP on the FLT

Official head count:  26H, four D

I’d suggested we could go for a swim in Enfield Creek after the hike but no one was interested so we all just went home


Saturday July 8

Gorge Trail, Finger Lakes National Forest

Official head count:  18H, three D

You can see Jack V’s nature photos here


Sunday July 9

Michigan Hollow Road west toward The Pinnacles look-out, southern approach, Danby SF

Official head count:  24H, six D

There were very intense light-and-shadow effects on the entire hike  —  if you’re nearing the point when you need cataract surgery, the constant changing from dazzling bright to deep dark can be unpleasant

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Our nature photographer Jack V is just back from a hiking expedition around Mont Blanc