Report to Hikers: week of July 10-July 16


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday July 12

Shindagin Hollow SF bike trails

Great dark and sultry morning  —  there was rain in the area and it hit us slightly hard about 20 minutes before we wrapped up.

Official head count:  14H, three D


Saturday July 15

Tamarack lean-to, South Danby

We changed our plans at the last minute and hiked in the opposite direction out of concern the originally scheduled hike would be too muddy after all the rain

Lots of big succulent-looking Chanterelles growing in the pine needles, and a number of hikers took some home  —  shortly after Tiger and I got home we got a flash message from Norm, our native plants guy  —  Notify everyone these are false Chanterelles !! —  Mushroom people online don’t seem to agree whether these are safe or not

Official head count:  16H, three D


Sunday July 16

Lake Road, Dryden, east into Cortland County on the FLT

Official head count:  18H, six D