Report to Hikers: week of July 24-July 30


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday July 26

Diane’s Crossing to Hill Road, Danby SF

Official head count:  19H, four D


Saturday July 29

Lick Brook

This hike was led by Jack V, who took the photos

Official head count:  20H, one D

You can see Jack’s photos from the hike and the cook-out afterwards here.  I chose the shots to illustrate the hike report from this album.  I had to crop the shots to use in this report  —  Jack just got a new camera and it produces such large files (24 MP) that I wasn’t able to upload them to the web site without cropping them.

Update on the Saturday afternoon cook-out

It broke up sometime after 10 pm.  A large amount of baked clams were eaten toward the end.  Our food coordinator Liz asked me to post this comment from her:

Hello Hikers!

What a wonderful day we had at our annual summer hiker’s picnic!  The weather was perfect, the venue was amazing, the food preparation went on without a hitch.  A big thank you to all who helped, including the set up crew, the cooks, the clean up crew, everyone who provided a dish-to-pass, Roger and Gunilla for hosting us, and of course Steven and Susan for being at the helm.

Because of everyone’s generosity, All the bills were paid, and we have $120 extra.  Last year, about that amount went to pay for the annual fee to maintain the hiker’s website.  Since Mary already collected monies for that during a previous event, this year  I will present Steven and Susan with a gift certificate to a restaurant of their choosing. They are so generous in their time and efforts that this meant to be a little thank you, from all of us.

It is a pleasure to coordinate this event.  I look forward to seeing everyone on the trails, in a kayak, or at another of our social events throughout  the year.


Liz Kyle

Here are two final shots from the cook-out that I didn’t have room for in yesterday’s photo report:

Liz and Roger

Randy managing the chicken fire


Sunday July 30

The Wedge, Connecticut Hill WMA, with Dave B

Official head count:  30H, eight D

More photos:


Jack V