Report to Hikers: 2017 cook-out at Roger’s


Saturday July 29

Our food coordinator Liz

The Cornell chicken team Bud and Randy

It was a gorgeous day but Roger’s pond was just 67 and only a few very hardy people went swimming

This was our eighth cook-out here and the property gets more and more beautiful every year  —  all the gardening is done by Gunilla, who’s a skilled artist and has a very artistic eye

The setting is so bucolic and serene, it takes on a slightly surreal quality every year of peace and relaxation

The chicken does give off a bit of smoke for a while during the grilling

I brought along a second camera with a portrait lens and this let me get some shots I couldn’t with my regular hiking camera

Do you remember Liz promised that I’d be making an appearance “squeezed into my bathing suit?”  This is a display I agree to undergo every summer to make up for never using photos of myself in the weekly hike reports.  I didn’t go into the water this year but I did pose for a candid shot:

My waist circumference, measured across my belly button and without sucking in my gut at all, was 33 3/4″ on Friday and Saturday morning.  Your waist measurement compared to your height has actually become a very important health indicator for older people.  My height is 70 1/2″ so I’m doing OK ….. for now ….

Our cook-outs are always wonderful  —  this one seemed especially nice

Our nature photographer Jack V got some shots of the cook-out but I’ll hold off linking to them until tomorrow because he’s bundled in the picnic shots with his shots from Saturday’s hike, and I’ll report on the hike tomorrow  —  stay tuned