Report to Hikers: week of Aug 21-Aug 27


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Aug 23

Route 79 at the Tioga County line south toward Blackman Hill Road

First time we did this hike in many years, and first time ever on a weekday.  There’s a large parking lot up the road from the trail head but there were commuter cars already in it, and some of us had to park here and there along the road.  The parking lot is also a bus turnaround  —  Annie had to go back early and she came upon a bus struggling to make the turn because our cars were in the way.

It’s a pretty spot to look at, but when we were walking up the narrow shoulder to the trail and the cars and trucks were blasting by, it felt a bit dangerous

The trail plunges abruptly into the most wonderful super-gloomy woods right away, and the rest of the walk is in shade, more or less deep

The trail is a somewhat steep climb uphill for much of the outbound leg, but it’s very beautiful and our hikers were quite cheerful.  This walk was recently improved by Cayuga Trails Club and it’s really pleasant now.  The trail surface is generally clear of roots and snags, which is a welcome change from many of our trails.  (The photos show the group coming back down.)

Everyone liked the hike and we’ll do it again, this time on a Sunday when there’s no buses, no commuters and less traffic

Here’s what the trail head looks like from back near the parking lot  —  very peaceful when the road is empty.

Official head count:  25H, three D

More photos:



Saturday Aug 26

Finger Lakes National Forest:  Dirt roads, abandoned roads and footpaths, with Jack V

The national forest has a wonderful peaceful deserted feeling to it  —  it’s so much fun to have such a big network of picturesque roads and basically no traffic at all  —  we saw maybe five cars total.

Official head count:  20H, seven D

More photos:

Jack V


Sunday Aug 27

Shindagn Hollow SF, rim trail along the upper gorge

Official head count:  30H, nine D


Labor Day weekend plans

I’d like to hike Labor Day morning in the Lindsay Parsons Preserve and then go straight to Katharine and Scott’s in Danby for our holiday get-together that I mentioned before,  (We wouldn’t hike Sunday.)  But it’s too son to know what the weather will be.  As an alternative, if Labor Day’s going to be bad, we can hike and then do the party on Sunday.  Stay tuned.


If you’re concerned about ticks ….

Occasional hiker Nancy A sent this to me:  Drexel University School of Medicine in

Pennsylvania is seeking ticks for a molecular study, and you can help.  Info