Report to Hikers: week of Aug 28-Sept 4


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Aug 30

Road walk:  Valley View Road and Tupper Road, West Danby

A new walk for us, discovered by Scott while he was taking a bike ride.  We shaped up in a very quiet semi-suburban neighborhood, walked up a wild-looking dirt stretch, and emerged into another very quiet semi-suburban neighborhood.  Very interesting and fun to explore parts of the county like this that we’d never otherwise venture into.

There’s an old cemetery near where we parked that’s extremely beautiful

Official head count:  24H, five D


Saturday Sept 2

Connecticut Hill WMA  —  Lloyd Starks Loop highlights, with Dave B

Official head count:  27H, 10 D


Labor Day Sept 4

Lindsay Parsons Biodiveristy Preserve and get-together at Katharine and Scott’s

I arrived at the hike expecting to find rolling fields of goldenrod in bloom  —  but it turned out that more than 2/3 of the acreage had been mowed recently  —  we had a great walk anyway

Official head count:  31H, seven D

Get together at Katharine and Scott’s

A small number of hikers didn’t proceed on to the party, but a number of other people who hadn’t hiked showed up and we had a big turnout.  Lovely relaxed vibe.

More photos:

Jack V