Report to Hikers: week of Jan 1-Jan 7


Hello Hikers!


Wed Jan 3

Taughannock Falls SP, north area sledding hill

All photos by Jack V

Official head count:  NineH, two D

You can see Jack’s full set of photos here


Sat Jan 6

Kingsbury Woods, Danby

Six photos by Hobit

Five photos by Scott


Hike report by Scott:

“Temp​eratures​ ​were around zero ​and the​ ​winds were less than expected.

About halfway through the hike, the sun ​came out ​for awhile.

Casey found it so balmy in fact, that he went hatless for the second half of the hike.    So, all-in-all, it was a ​nice winter hike, with good conversation and camaraderie.

One of the interesting things about Kingsbury woods is that this spot was hit by a bonafide tornado ​( 2011) ​some years back.   Walking in, one could view across a gully and see​ trees strewn every which-way.   There were many interesting twisted and bent trees that we walked by.

The count was twelve intrepid hikers, three dogs.

​Katharine has wanted to do this hike for some time and this was a great opportunity.”


Brenda sent the following brief report on the hike to a friend from out of town who asked her, “Did you go? Who else went? Did you survive???”

“Great hike. Twelve people showed up. I guess they read Stephen’s post and they were sold . Stephen is a great salesman.  Below zero at the trailhead but 5 degrees when we got back 11/2 hours later.  I warmed up right away because I wore my Magic Gloves. Casey wore his Magic Gloves as well. We both opened our jackets – complaining that we were hot about 15 minutes into the hike. “


I’ll just mention that the official wind speed for 9:56 am Saturday morning, as recorded at the Ithaca Airport, was winds blowing at 24 mph and gusting to 33, with the official wind chill -25.



Sunday Jan 7

Woodard Road NW to Hines Road and beyond, Enfield

Photos by Jack V

Official head count:  14H

You can see Jack V’s full set of photos here