Report to Hikers: week of Jan 8-Jan 15


Hello Hikers!


Wed Jan 10

So Danby Road west to Curtis Road on the FLT

Tiger and I were both sick and had to miss this hike  —  and photographer Jack V was sick and had to miss too  —  luckily, Hiker Julie C got some shots and did a hike report  —  unfortunately, I can’t get her photos to load to the hiker web site in an upright orientation  —  they keep coming out sideways  —  so you need to look at them here  —  where they display fine

Here’s Julie’s hike report:

“It was a beautiful morning, and a good blood-stirring hike, with sparkling powder about 4 or 5” deep on the trail.  Started with a long uphill climb through pines, then down into a pretty little valley full of hemlocks and a mostly-frozen creek, then more uphill to the road (Curtis?), and back again.  There were around 13 humans, and 3 dogs, although Brenda and her dogs, along with Katharine, dropped off early and we only saw Katharine again at the very end of the hike.  She said Brenda decided it was too hard on the dogs.  Definitely a good workout for the humans. “



Sunday Jan 14

Stevens Suspension Bridge to the Cornell golf course, horse barns and arboretum, Forest Home

First time I was able to hike in two weeks.  I loved how the sun just coming up over the tall hedges along Forest Home Drive lit up the hikers’ breath and illuminated the lightly falling snow

Official head count:  21H, six D

More photos:

Jack V


Monday Jan 15

Stevens Suspension Bridge east to the Varna cliffs

Lovely morning at the trail head, cold (zero) but not windy, and there was pale sunshine at a low angle creating some cheerful illumination in the landscape

More frozen breath effects created by the sun just coming over the tall hedges ….

Once we got across Freese Road it clouded up and took on a great somber look

Very gloomy at the end

Official head count:  12H, two D


Got a comment sent to the web site by Hiker Deb E, about two photos in this album:

“My highest compliments to Jack V for the 2 beautiful images he captured of T’ Falls!!! Among the absolute best I’ve seen in the past 10 years of much beloved and photographed place.

Molly and I had originally planned to join you all, but I was hunkered down nursing a sore throat. Hope to rejoin the group soon. – DE”