Report to Hikers: week of Mar 19-March 25


Hello Hikers!


Wed March 21

Six Mile Creek  —  wildflower preserve toward Potter’s Falls

Official head count:  18H, four D

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Jack V


Sat March 23

Treman SP on the FLT starting from Route 13

The steepness of the climb up to this clearing where I always feel compelled to do a group-shot tends to separate the hikers pretty widely  —  one-third of the group had fallen behind us and isn’t shown here

There was considerable snow on the upper part of the walk  —  but it wasn’t too slippery

Official head count:  19H, six D


Sunday March 25

Finger Lakes National Forest, Hector  —  Chicken Coop Road and snowmobile trails

Lots of snow up here  —  we started out on a nice trail through the woods but it quickly started to get harder and harder to walk comfortably

Frozen footprints, holes, churned-up surface  —  my knees and ankles really started to feel stressed  —  the snow off to the side of the path wasn’t stiff enough to walk on top  —  so we left the woods at the first opportunity

This is Chicken Coop Road  —  it’s not plowed in winter but it gets heavy snowmobile use and it’s nicely tamped down

This led us to a set of huge fields that get lots of snowmobile action

We kept going on the snowmobile trail until it was time to turn back  —  very nice scenery all around

Official head count:  18H, three D

More photos:

Jack V